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Specifically designed for use where paint odours or emissions are problematic. Horizon paints have virtually no odour when being applied and no residual after smell. Ideally suited for residential, institutional and other public buildings where architects and design specifiers require products which have less impact on occupants and the environment.

A premium washable finish with a slightly lower sheen level. Designed for improved “touch up” and application characteristics. Provides excellent adhesion to unprimed and non-porous surfaces. For instututional, commercial and residential applications. Meets MPI approvals for quality and Green Performance standards. Ideal for new housing construction where improved washibility is required. Excellent for use on walls, doors, woodwork and trim.

A full line of interior primers and top coats that are suited for a wide range of commercial and residential applicatons - drywall, masonry, plaster and primed woodwork. Formulated to provide excellent hiding and application characteristics that retain colour and provide a durable, long-lasting finish.

Kitchen & Bath paint is specifically formulated for Kitchens, Bathrooms and other areas exposed to moisture and high humidity. Also, ideal for use on woodwork and trim. Provides superior adhesion, scrubability and is resistant to stains and mildew.

The ProCoat Brand of paint has been specifically formulated for the Professional Contractor. ProCoat offers high quality characteristics at a value price. Ideally suited for commercial work where industry quality approvals are required.


EcoLogic is our very best interior/exterior, self priming, low odour, waterborne enamel coating. It exhibits superior adhesion and scrubbability characteristics making it ideal for buildings with high traffic areas and areas exposed to moisture and high humidity. EcoLogic is specifically formulated for schools, hospitals and light industrial areas, as well as any residential project. Ideally suited for use where older oil-base coatings had previously been used.

Renaissance is a Hybrid Waterborne premium quality interior/exterior alkyd enamel that provides the toughness and durability of alkyd or oil-based paints but in a low VOC water-based formulation.


WeatherOne Covercoat paints and primers are premium acrylic latex finishes that are the ideal choice for exterior surfaces, providing a rich, even finish with excellent hiding properties. Formulated for used on exterior substrates such as stucco, masonry, primed wood and exterior metal and galvanized surfaces with proper priming and surface preparation.

Towerthon is a high build, environmentally-friendly, breathable 100% acrylic elastomeric coating. It is ideal for use in residential, commercial and industrial buildings and homes. Formulated to be waterproof, breathable, flexible, mildew resistant, low VOC, it bridges hairline cracks on stucco surfaces.


Designed specifically for Canadian weather climates. Sun-drenched Summers and tough Canadian Winters - from wet coastal Vancouver Island through the frigid temperatures, snow and ice through Alberta, into the Prairies and Eastern Canada, SharkSkin™ Deck & Siding stain was developed to withstand these wide ranging conditions using the latest hybrid waterborne alkyd technology. Home owners and professional applicators alike can rest assured that decks and siding remain protected and beautified with SharkSkin™ stain, that provides superior adhesion, durability and resistance to cracking, peeling and blistering.

WeatherOne 100% Acrylic Solid Hide and Acrylic Semi-Transparent Stains are ideal choices for vertical wood siding, fences, wood composites, shingles, trim and fascias and out door furniture. Features superior adhesion properties.


Interior waterborne varnishes that feature good hardness adhesion and durability. Timberlox 593 and 470 Series Varnishes are non-flammable, environmentally friendly with very low odour levels. 59324 Gloss Varnish can be used for exterior applications.

Rich exterior wood finishes that provide outstanding UV protection. Ideal for surfaces such as doors, railings, exterior wood furniture, soffits, siding, log homes, and hot tub surrounds.

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