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At times, each of us can use some help. ReCoat paint does just that... It is available FREE to those registered charities who can use it - just ask at any Cloverdale Paint store across Canada. The program goes farther, taking good leftover paint that would otherwise enter waste streams for disposal. That’s also good for all of us.

ReCoat is a 100% recycled interior latex paint product mixed from a combination of 100% post-consumer paint with various acrylics and vinyl interior and exterior quality paints. So, depending upon the specific batch of recycled paint, the material in the container can be of good quality. ReCoat paint has been filtered for as many impurities as possible during processing to ensure a consistent paint within each batch and is provided in an ‘as is’

Due the mix of recycled post-consumer paint, the paint has a heavy body providing good coverage and will hide usually in one or two coats. The nature of recycled paint cannot guarantee an exact colour or sheen match from batch to batch, so obtain enough paint from the same batch for each project. Touchups may not blend in so re-painting the wall section may be necessary. Some colours require further coats.

Cloverdale Paints Colour Palette

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