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Engineered Single Component Traffic Striping Products

Ennis-Flint is a world leader in innovative, high quality road markings and safety products manufacturing a wide array of paint products.  The EF Series Traffic Paint line includes both waterborne and solvent based products for use in a wide range of applications including streets and highways, local roads, and private properties.

These paints are suitable for both asphalt and concrete roadways and can be sprayed with either airless or conventional spray equipment.  Asphalt formulations are engineered to meet your specification whether federal, state, local, or commercial based.


Standard Dry Traffic Paint

Standard Dry Waterborne traffic paint is a user friendly traffic marking designed specifically for curbs and parking lots as well as other interior and exterior concrete and asphalt surfaces.

Standard Dry is ideal for use in smaller airless and conventional striping equipment and is formulated to provide good hiding and excellent application properties. Unlike many rapid dry formulas, Standard Dry does not cause asphalt “curling”. Standard Dry meets the color and performance requirements of TT-P-1952B.

Product Benefits:

  • Low VOC formula; non-flammable
  • Reduces and cleans up with water
  • Excellent atomization and application characteristics
  • Dries to a durable, abrasion-resistant finish in temperatures of 50°F and rising


Fast Dry Traffic Paint

Fast Dry waterborne traffic paint is a user friendly, high solids, traffic marking formulated specifically for use in both airless and conventional air-atomized striping equipment. Fast Dry offers all of the benefits of a water reducible paint, and quickly dries to a no track condition in 30 minutes or less making it an ideal striping product for roadways and airfields. Fast Dry provides excellent retroreflectivity when matched with the proper bead gradation and adhesion coating.

Fast Dry can be ordered to meet all state specifications as well as federal specification TT-P-1952E type I &II.

Product Benefits:

  • Worker and environmentally friendly
  • Proven waterborne acrylic durability
  • Minimizes traffic control when restriping
  • Dries to “no track” in 2 minutes or less under standard conditions at 15 wet mils (vs. 25 min. std.)


High Build Traffic Paint

High Build is formulated for increased durability and retroreflectivity though greater film build. Unlike standard traffic paints, High Build utilizes an acrylic cross-linking emulsion that allows for applications of up to 30 wet mils. When cured, High Build stays flexible providing superior durability in regions where road surfaces expand and contract due to road temperature variations. High Build’s thicker application enables the use of larger glass beads which can improve retroreflectivity and reduce no-track time.

High Build can be applied through virtually all airless and conventional paint stripers.

Product Benefits:

  • Increased durability through greater film build (30 mil)
  • Dries to “no track” in 3 min. or less under standard conditions at 30 mils
  • Flexible paint film to withstand road expansion/contraction
  • Has ability to hold larger beads for enhanced retroreflectivity


DuraSheen® Traffic Paint

DuraSheen® dirt resistant traffic paint has been specially formulated to give excellent durability while at the same time being extremely resistant to oil, grease, and other road residues. The 100% acrylic, UV stable composition makes this product ideal for streets and highways, curbs, crosswalks, and parking lots, as well as other concrete and asphalt surfaces where dirt becomes problematic. DuraSheen® is fast drying and provides good hiding and excellent application properties.

DuraSheen® is formulated for use in both highway stripers as well as smaller airless and conventional striping equipment.

Product Benefits:

  • Specifically for use where dirt pickup is an issue
  • Excellent atomization and application characteristics
  • Performs equally well on both asphalt and concrete surfaces
  • Most commonly used for curbs on roadways and parking lots


Extended Season Traffic Paint (Wolverine)

Develped for use from early spring until late Fall, Extended Season is a fast drying waterborne traffic marking that can be applied at temperatures as low as 35°F.

Product Benefits:

  • Developed for use from early Spring until late Fall
  • Specialized formula eliminates switching to solvent systems in cold climates
  • Eliminates hazardous waste and minimizes exposure to chemicals
  • “No track” in less than 10 minutes at temperatures of 35°F and rising


Solvent-Based Traffic Paint

Solvent-Based traffic and parking lot paints are formulated for use on streets and highways,local roads, parking lots, and private properties. Solvent-Based is especially suitable for colder ambient applications where waterborne traffic paint cannot be used. Suitable for application on bituminous and concrete roadways, a 15 mil application can be applied at temperatures near freezing; and for faster dry can be heated and sprayed with airless or conventional spray equipment.

Solvent-Based can be ordered to meet federal specification A-A-2886 and TT-P-115.<> Solvent based paints are classified as High VOC and Low VOC.

High VOC > 150 g/l typically 450 g/l

  • Chlorinated Rubber
  • Regular Dry Alkyd
  • Acrylic Copolymer Low VOC < 150 g/l

Low VOC < 150 g/l

  • Acrylic Copolymer (Low VOC)


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