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Paint Colour Combinations

Where Should I Start? Simply scroll down this page to see the colours and get inspired! There are dozens of combinations of colours below that are ideal for both interior and exterior use - even if you're not looking for two or more colours, just use one!

Consider the more permanent features of the interior of the home. When it comes to colour selection for the interior of the home, it's important to first consider the more permanent features, such as flooring, tiles, stone or brick work, furniture, artwork, family memorabilia, as well as architectural features such as trim, doors and so on.

Cloverdale's Paint Colour Combinations

The colour combinations below have been selected by professional colourists who are trained in colour and are involved in colour selection for industry. The colour combinations present some of the most popular colours and colour combinations that are currently seen in the market.

The larger colour in the group typically represents the dominant colour of the space, such as walls. The two colours to the left represent accent colours that can be used to represent other items in the space, such as fabric, natural materials or perhaps artwork.

Each colour is represented by a colour code and a colour name. For some colours, a colour chip code is also found (such as "(J17)"). When you're ready to see the actual paint colour, simply jot down the information so the store or retailer can provide you with the right colour sample.


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Cloverdale Paints Colour Palette

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