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Sunfast Wood Finish 43606
An exterior wood finish that is ideal for entry and garage doors, hot tub surrounds, wood trim, and railings. It is has transparent iron oxide pigments to give outstanding resistance to peeling, cracking, weathering, and ultra violet light. It contains an organic fungicide to resist mildew and micro-crystalline waxes to provide excellent water repellence.


WeatherOne Paint - CoverCoat Satin Latex 02010
A super premium quality 100% acrylic latex exterior paint ideal for use on stucco, masonry and primed wood. A beautiful low sheen finish which helps reduce dirt pick up as the paint ages. May also be applied to exterior metal and galvanized surfaces; aluminum and vinyl siding, where proper surface preparation and applicable primers are used.

WeatherOne Paint - EcoLogic 70623
Our very best interior/exterior waterborne enamel. Ideal for exterior surfaces such as trim. EcoLogic dries to a hard enamel finish; provides superior adhesion. May also be used on aluminum and vinyl siding.

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